Which is louder? MotoGP or Formula 1


Which is louder? MotoGP or Formula 1

Which is louder Moto GP or Formula 1?

Formula 1 race car: 118 decibels
MotoGP bike: 128 decibels
Jackhammer: 104 decibels.

Formula 1, however, wants to upgrade sound technology and increase it to 18,000 revolutions in the coming years. How loud that will be is not yet certain.

What is certain, however, is that it will be the loudest noise in the world:

320 dB
Tambora explosion (volcanic eruption 1815 in Indonesia)

310 dB
Tunguska meteor (with infrasound)

235 dB
Earthquake of magnitude 5 on the Richter scale

204 dB
Saturn V rocket

198 dB 
Fatal to humans

182 dB
Most powerful loudspeaker to date

174 dB
A sperm whale on land

140 dB
On the deck of an aircraft carrier

120 dB
Thunder of a thunderstorm

70 dB

50 dB
Conversation at room volume

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