The most popular beer among camping guests in Spielberg?


The most popular beer among camping guests in Spielberg?

How much beer do we drink? What is the most popular beer in Austria? Which is the best beer in Styria? And which beer is an absolute insider tip at Red BULL Ring events? And what do the campers at Schitterhof prefer to drink? Here are some answers: 

Today there are around 1,000 different types of beer worldwide. They are characterised by colour, clarity, aroma, taste and strength. Although all beers have the same ingredients, their varieties differ, as do their brewing methods.

Austrians drink one small beer a day. On average, every Austrian drink about 96.8 litres of beer a year. 

As in previous years, the most popular beer among Austrians is the lager/märzen beer. It is malty with a relatively low hop content and has a golden yellow colour. The alcohol content of bottom-fermented beer is between 5 and 5.5 per cent. Over 60 % of the beer sold in Austria belongs to this type. 

Beer is also one of the most popular drinks among adults in Styria. Styrian breweries include the popular brands Gösser, Puntigamer, Murauer, Schladminger and, more recently, Thalheimer beer.

Styrian producers are highly rated by consumers. If you add up all the varieties of the different brands in Austria, we have a selection of over 1,800 beers. Here in the Mur valley, local beer varieties are produced in Murau, Leoben and in Thalheim.

Murauer Märzenbier  is Austria's best Märzen beer!

The Murau brewery is overjoyed to receive a prestigious award in one of the world's most important beer competitions. As we already know, the most popular type of beer among Austrians is lager/märzen beer. Murauer Märzenbier is also clearly one of the classics and is considered the most popular type of beer around the Austrian GP (Formula 1 in Spielberg) and MotoGP at the Red Bull Ring. This was even crowned Austria's best Märzenbier 2020. 

The Red Bull Group also brews its own beer. Already at the Moto GP in mid-August 2018, "Thalheim" beer was offered to guests in the Upper Styrian businesses of the Spielberg project for the first time. The beer is brewed in Thalheim, about 15 kilometres from Spielberg. In the past, mineral water was bottled from the spring, but now the beer flows. Today, Thalheim beer is considered an absolute insider tip by insiders. 

The drunkest beer at Schitterhof Camping is the beer from the Murau brewery. Only 50 km from the campsite, it is brewed with mountain spring water.  

The best-selling beer in Austria is Gösser.
The Göss brewery is only 30 km away from Spielberg. As the Austrian Consumer Analysis shows, in 2022 the beer of the Gösser brand was drunk more often or from time to time by 23 per cent of the Austrian population aged 14 and over. Gösser was thus the most popular brand for "normal" beer in Austria.

The Brauerei zu Göss is a large brewery rich in tradition in the Styrian town of Leoben. The brewery is part of Brau Union Österreich AG, which has belonged to the Heineken group since 2003.

The beer Gösser Spezial was given an honourable role in Austrian history. The beer was served at the banquet on the occasion of the signing of the State Treaty. A special bottling was served to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the State Treaty (2005).

From Styria out into the world - "Styrian" is a household name in the beer scene
Austria has the ideal soil for growing hops and malt. The brewing culture is part of our culture. Together with water and yeast, beer has been brewed in our region for more than 500 years. 

In fact, today there are more than 40 breweries of all sizes in Styria - and even small start-ups have built a considerable international reputation for themselves and the country with their beers and export their beer. 

How much beer do you want to drink on the race weekend? The gastro area at Schitterhof CAMPING WEISS is open daily and serves many other thirst-quenchers in addition to cool Murauer beer. And of course, there is also RedBull from the can!

Well, cheers then!

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